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Among all the "To Do List with Ability to share lists to different employees or team mates" which I have tried, this is the smoothest app. Most other To Do Apps, give us several options. And sometimes too many options are cumbersome. What we really need is to know, "What are our pending tasks and what we want to accomplish today". This app answers this need. This is a minimalist "To Do and What I Plan to do today" type app.

Adv. Haresh Raichura

Thanks to WeGoDoo's task verification feature, our team at Swan Sweets Pvt Ltd is more accountable than ever. An essential app for any business!

Viral Shah

CEO Swan Sweets Pvt Ltd

I have used many apps before but this is the best one so far. Very easy to use and no training required for the staff


Arpit Bhutani

Screenshot showing the reminder feature of the WeGoDoo app. Stay on top of your tasks by adding reminders, recurrences, and due dates.

Stay Organized

  • Keep track of everything

  • Get more done with Less Stress

  • Add due dates, reminders, recurring tasks

  • Prioritize! Mark tasks as Important

Screenshot of WeGoDoo app showing how easy it is to communicate on a task with team members. Now say goodbye to long and endless email threads!

Communicate with Team Effectively

  • Add comments to tasks

  • Share files

  • Chat with audio messages

  • Use '@username' in your message to send a direct notification.

Screenshot showing the task verification feature of the WeGoDoo app. With this feature, you can rest assured knowing your team is staying accountable.

Unique Task Verification Feature

  • Add someone to verify the tasks that are completed.

  • It all works seamlessly and with simplicity

  • More productivity, less drama

  • Make your team accountable.

Screenshot showing the team collaboration capabilities of the WeGoDoo app. Handling teams and assigning tasks is more manageable with WeGoDoo.

Keep your team organised

  • Manage tasks within your team with ease

  • Assign Tasks to your teammates. Keep everyone responsible!

  • Inbuilt permissions mechanisms

  • No worries about someone deleting tasks and changing things

  • No need to configure anything!

Screenshot showing how you can get things done even when the list is long using the Doing This Today feature

Doing This Today

  • Long List? No Worries...

  • Break down your long lists and add them to "Doing This Today"

Make Task Management Easy 

For You and Your Team

Add the power of "WE" to your Team with WeGoDoo

Free Trial for 30 days

Screenshot of WeGoDoo app showing how simple and intuitive the user interface is.

Simplicity at the Core

  • WeGoDoo is built with simplicity in mind.

  • It makes getting things done simple.

  • So easy, it doesn't require any training for your team

  • Syncs seamlessly across all your devices

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