This document, henceforth referred to as the "Terms," governs your participation in the affiliate program (the "Program") offered by Wegodoo (OPC) Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Wegodoo"). By registering for the Program, you, the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as "Affiliate"), hereby agree to be legally bound by these Terms. Should you disagree with any part of these Terms, you must refrain from participating in the Program. The "Effective Date" of these Terms shall be the date on which you complete the registration process.

In the event that you are engaging in the Program on behalf of a corporation or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the full legal authority to bind said corporation or entity to these Terms. For the purposes of these Terms, "Customer" or "you" shall refer to either you as an individual or the entity on whose behalf you are authorised to act.

Wegodoo reserves the exclusive right to amend, alter, or otherwise modify these Terms, along with any associated policies or guidelines, at any time and at its sole discretion. Notification of such changes may be provided by means including, but not limited to, electronic mail, publication on the website, or through updating the date at the top of these Terms. Your continued engagement with the Program subsequent to such modifications will constitute your consent to abide by these revised Terms.

Furthermore, Wegodoo retains the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Program, the services, or the website at any time without prior notice or incurring liability. Such alterations may be necessitated by various factors including, but not limited to, the introduction of new features, compliance with regulatory requirements, or alignment with evolving technological standards.

Depending on your legal jurisdiction, you may be obliged to provide specific tax documentation and information in relation to any payments you receive under the Program. You are solely responsible for identifying, reporting, and remitting any taxes, fees, penalties, or other financial obligations that may arise in accordance with your jurisdiction's regulations.

By participating in the Program, you enter into a binding legal agreement with Wegodoo (OPC) Pvt Ltd. Violation of any provision within these Terms may result in the immediate termination of your account and participation in the Program. It is imperative that you read and fully comprehend these Terms prior to engaging in the WeGoDoo Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program terms & conditions

1. Email Promotions: Affiliates must use only their own opt-in email lists for promotions. The use of purchased email lists, safe lists, or any form of spamming is strictly forbidden. This ensures that all promotional activities are conducted ethically and legally.

2. Advertising Conduct: Negative PPC campaigns, iframes, and SEO strategies portraying WeGoDoo negatively, like using the term "scam" associated with the brand or product, are strictly prohibited. Such tactics damage the reputation of WeGoDoo and are grounds for immediate termination from the program.

3. Self-Purchase: Affiliates are not entitled to earn commissions on purchases made for their own use. Any commissions earned on self-purchases are subject to reversal or clawback.

4. Brand Representation: Affiliate websites must be distinct and separate from the official WeGoDoo website. Affiliates should avoid duplicating or imitating the WeGoDoo site to prevent confusion and misleading consumers.

5. Domain Name Usage: Using domain names that include "WeGoDoo" or similar variations without prior approval is prohibited to protect the brand's intellectual property and avoid potential trademark infringement.

6. Rebate and Discounts: Affiliates are not allowed to offer rebates or engage in promotions through discount or coupon websites. Traffic from such sources is not accepted in the affiliate program.

7. Cookie Manipulation: Engaging in "cookie stuffing" or any form of unauthorized cookie manipulation is forbidden. Violations may lead to legal action and recovery of commissions claimed through such methods.

8. Advertising Restrictions: Paid advertising campaigns that conflict with or undercut WeGoDoo’s own marketing efforts, particularly bidding on ads for the WeGoDoo website, are not permitted.

9. Commission and Tax Requirements (India-specific): For Indian affiliates, commissions are inclusive of 18% GST. Affiliates are required to submit invoices with their PAN and GST numbers. A 5% TDS deduction applies, with WeGoDoo depositing the TDS against the affiliate's PAN number.

10. Payment Method: Commissions are paid through specified channels like PayPal, and affiliates must adhere to the payment service provider's rules. Active PayPal accounts are necessary for receiving payments.

11. Honest Promotion: Affiliates must represent WeGoDoo's products truthfully, avoiding misleading claims or false testimonials. Non-compliance with FTC guidelines will lead to immediate account revocation.

12. Correct Use of Affiliate Links: Affiliates are responsible for correctly using their affiliate links. WeGoDoo is not liable for losses due to incorrect usage or typing errors of affiliate links.

13. Link Tracking and Cookies: Affiliates should use their unique links generated on pabbly subscription billing portal for tracking referrals. WeGoDoo uses cookies for tracking, with a specified cookie duration, to credit affiliates properly. We use a 180-day cookie window.

14. Payment Method and Tax Compliance: For WeGoDoo (OPC) Pvt Ltd's Affiliate Program, qualifying affiliates receive payments automatically through specified channels like PayPal. Affiliates must have an active PayPal account and comply with its rules. Additionally, for Indian affiliates, commission payments can be made directly to their Indian bank accounts in INR. These commissions include GST. Indian affiliates with a GST registration must manage their GST liabilities for these payments. WeGoDoo's legal information, including GST number (24AACCW6292K1ZX) and CIN (U74999GJ2020OPC113224), should be noted for compliance and record-keeping.

15. Suspension for Unethical Activity: Accounts involved in suspicious or unethical behaviour, such as fraudulent activities, may be suspended or terminated without notice.

16. Monthly Commission Payout Report: WeGoDoo generates a monthly payout report for the previous month's activity on the 15th of each month to review earned commissions. Due to the time needed for processing, affiliates can expect to receive their commission payments within 15-20 days following the report generation. To qualify for a commission, the referred account must maintain active status for a minimum of 60 days. WeGoDoo values your contribution to our affiliate program and is dedicated to ensuring timely and accurate commission payouts for all qualifying referrals.

17. Commission Payout and Processing Fees: To claim commission payouts, affiliates may need to issue an invoice manually. Payments are contingent upon receiving the correct invoice. Please note that any payment processing fees charged by our payment processor for commission disbursements will be the responsibility of the affiliate. It's essential for affiliates to factor in these fees when claiming their commissions.

18. Consequences of Violation: Violations of the terms may result in immediate termination and forfeiture of any pending or future payments. No refunds are provided for abuses of the affiliate program.

19. Legality and Jurisdiction Compliance: Affiliates must ensure that their participation in the program is legal and complies with the laws of their respective jurisdictions.

20. Termination of Agreement: Either party may terminate the affiliate relationship at any time, with or without cause, via written notice. This includes email communication.


Circumstances Where Affiliate Sales May Not Be Credited

In the WeGoDoo Affiliate Program, there are specific situations where a sale may not be attributed to an affiliate:

1. Cookie Acceptance: If the customer's browser blocks cookies, affiliate tracking may not function. WeGoDoo uses a 180-day cookie expiration period.

2. Refunded Sales: If a sale is refunded, the corresponding affiliate commission will also be refunded.

3. Cookie Expiration: Sales must occur within 180 days of the customer clicking the affiliate link, as cookies expire after this period.

4. Last Click Attribution: If a customer clicks on another affiliate's link after yours and makes a purchase, the commission is attributed to the affiliate whose link was clicked last.

5. In-App Purchases: Sales made through in-app subscriptions on Android or iOS may not be trackable; thus, such purchases are not eligible for affiliate commissions.


Verification of Affiliate Referral Sources for WeGoDoo

WeGoDoo requires affiliates to verify their referral sources to maintain eligibility for commission payments. Affiliates are obliged to disclose the sources generating their affiliate traffic. WeGoDoo will conduct this verification by sending two emails: an initial verification email and a follow-up. Affiliates must respond within seven days of receiving these emails. Failure to comply will result in ineligibility for commissions from referrals generated during that period, potential loss of future commissions, and forfeiture of existing commissions.

Affiliates should be aware that WeGoDoo may request source verification at any point. If an affiliate cannot provide satisfactory evidence of legitimate promotion methods, WeGoDoo reserves the right to terminate their participation in the affiliate program, leading to the loss of any pending or future commission payments.


Commission Nullification Policy

WeGoDoo maintains a strict policy regarding the nullification of affiliate commissions. Commissions will be automatically deemed null and void if they remain unclaimed for a period exceeding six months. Furthermore, any engagement in fraudulent activities by an affiliate or failure to provide valid evidence for referral sources will immediately void the respective commissions.


Affiliate Payout Eligibility Criteria

In order for an affiliate to receive their duly earned commission, the following conditions must be met:

1. The referred sale must surpass the 60-day payout waiting period.

2. The total accumulated commission must exceed the minimum threshold of $50.

These criteria are designed to ensure fair and transparent dealings between WeGoDoo and its affiliates, promoting a trustworthy and legally compliant partnership.


Criteria for Referral Source Verification

To be recognised as a verified referral source within WeGoDoo's Affiliate Program, affiliates are required to present concrete evidence during the verification process. For referral sources based on word-of-mouth, public recommendations, or personal referrals to be considered verified, the following conditions must be met:

1. Affiliates should provide tangible proof, such as screenshots or links, to substantiate the referral source.

2. Confirmation from the referred customer acknowledging the affiliate's referral.

3. WeGoDoo reserves the right to contact affiliates at any time to validate the authenticity of referral sources.


Policy on Account Suspension

Affiliates found to be in violation of WeGoDoo's affiliate policies will face account suspension. This includes but is not limited to, the use of prohibited practices such as brand bidding or conducting unauthorised advertisements. The affiliate's account will be immediately suspended upon discovery of such activities.

Key points regarding account suspension include:

- Specific activities that are categorically prohibited and may trigger immediate suspension.

- Once suspended, an affiliate’s account is permanently closed and cannot be reopened under any circumstances.

- All commissions associated with a suspended account will be nullified.

WeGoDoo reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. Affiliates will be notified of changes via email. If affiliates do not agree to these modifications, they may discontinue their participation. Continued involvement in the program signifies acceptance of these changes.



Q: How much commission can I earn as a WeGoDoo affiliate?

A: You will earn a 25% commission on every payment made by customers through recurring plans.

Q: Can I earn commissions on purchases I make for myself?

A: No, commissions are not awarded on personal purchases and any such commissions will be reversed.

Q: What is the cookie duration in the WeGoDoo affiliate program?

A: WeGoDoo uses a 180-day cookie period for tracking affiliate referrals.

Q: How and when are commissions calculated and payouts made in the WeGoDoo affiliate program?

A: Commissions are calculated based on the affiliate sales made in a month. For example, if you refer a customer in January, and they make a payment, your 25% commission is noted. This commission enters a 60-day waiting period for validation, ensuring the sale is legitimate and not refunded. If the sale remains valid after this period, your commission becomes eligible for payout. Payouts are then processed on the 15th of the following month. So, a valid sale from January would typically be paid out around mid-April, considering the 60-day waiting period plus the time for processing payments, provided your total commission crosses the minimum threshold of $50.

Q: Do I receive commissions for recurring payments?

A: Yes, you earn a 25% commission on every recurring payment made by customers you've referred.

Q: What is the minimum payout amount?

A: The minimum payout amount is $50. You must accumulate at least this amount in commissions to receive a payout.

Q: Which click model does WeGoDoo follow?

A: WeGoDoo follows the "Last Click" model. If a customer clicks multiple affiliate links, the commission is awarded to the affiliate whose link was last clicked before the purchase.

Q: What are the tax implications for Indian affiliates?

A: Indian affiliates face an 18% GST on commissions and a 5% TDS deduction. Necessary invoices with PAN and GST numbers are required to process payments. Additionally, WeGoDoo will deposit the TDS tax payment for commission earned against your PAN number on your behalf. If you don't fall under the taxable bracket, you have the option to claim a refund from the Government.

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Affiliate Terms of Service & Conditions

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